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Horsham College - New Phone System

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Hello All Horsham College Staff,
As you will notice Monday Morning, we have a new phone system!
The fairies have been in and replaced all the handsets!!!

A couple of things to note:

1. You do not need to dial ‘0’ to get an outside line.
In the old system you would dial ‘0’ before you would dial an outside Horsham College Number.
You no longer need to do this.
For example, you used to dial ‘0’ + ‘53197505’ to get me at another school, now you only have to dial the number, eg.. ‘53197505’.

2. The new system uses 4-digit extension numbers (So add a ‘7’ in front of the internal numbers).

For every internal number add a ‘7’ in front of the number you would have normally dialled.
As an example, In the old system you would have dialled '183' for IT, now it will be ‘7183’.
Updated Telephone Directory attached below.

3. Do NOT press the ‘logout’ button on the phone, pretty please…

The phone has a ‘logout’ button on the screen, please do not press it.
If you do, an IT Tech will have to reset/login the phone onto the system.
Same goes for unplugging the phone, please let IT know if you want to move a phone and we will arrange this for you.

4. The new handsets have some buttons near the screen which we can customise.

I will place a standard setup on each phone which will have people that I think you will call a lot.
You can press the button beside (1,2,3) to change between screens of buttons.
We can customise the buttons on your phone, if you like, just let me know via emailing .
The buttons may not appear until the end of tomorrow, so keep an eye out for some easy to use buttons.

5. The new system also has the ability to use a 3CX App, allowing you to take calls from your phone on your mobile.

If you would benefit from having your handset extension mobile, please let me know.
Basically, you can install an app and then you can make and receive calls from your mobile using your school handsets number.
It may be useful for calling parents without giving out your mobile number.
You don’t have to have it; I’m just letting you know it is available if it would assist you.

6. Voicemail Settings

I have copied the voicemail settings from the old system; however, you can choose from the following;
1. Receive your voicemail as an attachment on your emails.
2. Receive an email notification and listen to your messages on your handset.
3. Only receive your voicemails on your Handset / The App.
Please let me know if you would like anything different setup, if I don’t hear anything, I will assume option 1 (voicemails emailed to you).

7. I will send out some follow up emails with some tips and tricks over the next couple of days, stay tuned!

If you want to go exploring, the following link may give you a sneak peak…

If I have missed any phones, please let me know and I will drop by ASAP to install one.
Sometimes they can be hiding in all sorts of places!!
You can reach me on ‘7243’.

A copy of the up-to-date Horsham College Telephone Directory can be found here.

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